This short but adrenaline-filled drive takes you up and down the surrounding hills and give you the best panorama view of the Ait Ben Haddou kasbah and the surrounding semi-desert landscape.

Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah is an ancient fortified city used by the silk road merchants and camel herds from Sahara to Marrakech. Because of the magnificent backdrop, this kasbah had been the set of many famous Hollywood movies, such as Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator, Mummy, Prince of Persia, Game of Thrones etc. since 1960s. In 1987, it is dedicated as a World Heritage Site and became a must-see for everyone traveling from Marrakech to the Sahara or vice versa. If you are passing through Ait Ben Haddou during lunch time and heading onward to the Sahara, this short but exciting guided drive is perfect to break the boring long journey! You may be lucky to see one of your favorite actors or actresses here!

When you come to our office, our guide will explain to you briefly how to use different controls of the quad/atv bikes. Then we will start by crossing a small stream into a semi-desert area with many small slopes. Here you will see a magnificent panorama, overlooking beautiful gardens and palm grove, and occasionally yield to a sheppard and his herd of sheep and goat.

Be prepared for a few moments of adrenaline-rush when our guide takes you up and down the relatively steep slopes. If you are absolute beginners, our guide will take you to the flatter but equally exciting area close to the kasbah.

After the tour, enjoy a glass of tea (‘Berber whisky’) in the office while reflecting on your short adventure.

Our quads are automatic, making maneuvering the slopes and turns manageable by anyone who has driving experience. Staying calm but alert and have good judgement on the road is necessary. There are some steep slopes for the experienced riders. Helmet is mandatory.

Minimum Age : 16

Minimum quad required : 1
Maximum group number : 7 per guide
Maximum people in one quad : 2
Minimum height of Passenger: 1.5m (5 ft)

Price per quad:

Driver only: € 35
Driver & Passenger: € 50

Price Include:

  • Helmet & Glove
  • English or French speaking local guide